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If you’ve ever gone hiking before, you’ll appreciate the unique challenges faced en route to conquering the great outdoors. Even the most experienced hikers will tell you about the unpredictable nature of facing different terrains. To capitalize on the abundance of perks that come with exploring the great outdoors, it’s important to be well-equipped to deal with any situation. This is where the best multitools for hiking can be so useful.

There’s something special about multitools. Each is waiting for the right time to uncover an array of little tools to opportunely save the day. If you’ve been contemplating whether it’s worth taking, for example, a Swiss Army knife or Leatherman on your next trip, this article will offer all the encouragement you need to embrace the usefulness of multitools.

Multitools are so much more than the novelty factor that often precedes them. The best multitools will preference functionality over everything else, adding minimal weight to your pack while bringing maximum value. But what are some of the best multitools for hiking? Here are five multitools that will transcend your next trip:


5. Leatherman Rebar

Leatherman Rebar Multitool

What differentiates the Rebar from other multitools is the subtle differences and exceptional precision you’ll notice when using it. The perfect tool for hiking, this 17 piece product offers optimal functionality for various occasions. The knife blades are so prominent you probably won’t even need to carry another knife with you.

The replaceable wire cutters are a great feature since they’re made of 420HC Stainless Steel that’s super durable and powerful for cutting through hard wire. Accomplish everything from cutting small pieces of wood to opening a bottle of beer with relative ease.

You can tell the Leatherman has been made with quality in mind, where every tool locks perfectly into place in a sturdy, reliable fashion. Easily access a selection of many internal tools, via a cut-out section on the handle of a slim device that’s perfect for all of your backpacking needs.

  • Replaceable wire cutter blades
  • Sleek black finish
  • Silm design, perfect for carrying
  • Solid locking
  • Tough, easy-to-use blade and saw


4. Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit-X

An impressive multitool that’s built for outdoor use, the Spirit X packs maximum functionality into a small space. You can even purchase a more expensive version with tools that are difficult to conceptualize using, that’s how advanced this piece of kit is!

What’s great about this multitool is it’s made of the highest quality steel, something that sets it apart from cheaper alternatives. The finishing touches are great as well, for example, a curved design that makes it more comfortable to hold.

A solid feel with appropriate grip to exert force as and when you need to. Even if you have to break the tool in to overcome some initial stiffness, the locking mechanism is so solid and precise that it’s difficult to find fault. Embrace a super sharp blade on a device that’s confident and accurate to use. It might be a little heavy at just over 7 ounces, but this multitool is a solid option to take on your next trip.

  • High durability
  • Beautiful engineering
  • 4-inches long, easily carriable
  • Sharp blades
  • A precise and solid locking mechanism
  • Highly polished finish and curves


3. Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge Multitool

An excellent multitool that’s perfect if you feel comfortable carrying something big and heavy around. You’ll certainly feel reassured that you’re dealing with quality when you wrap your hands around an impressively solid build.

Without question one of the largest and sturdiest multitools on the market, the Surge is jam-packed with 21 well-designed tools, a true powerhouse for many occasions. If you prefer bigger blades, this device is probably right down your street. It’s better suited for tougher jobs, with a 3.1” primary blade that contributes to its staggering 12.5 ounces of weight.

It might not be the cheapest option in the world, but you get what you pay for. It is beautifully made, agile, and permits single-handed access to four blades. You can capitalize on the tool’s blade exchanger as well, a cool option that allows you to customize your tool accordingly. If you’re a true outdoorsman who doesn’t mind a bit of added weight, the Surge is a fantastic choice.

  • Long fixed blades
  • Large pliers
  • Replaceable wire cutters
  • Solid build
  • Single-handed access
  • Spring-loaded scissors
  • Blade exchanger


2. Leatherman Skeletool CX

Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool

The Skeletool is a great option if you’re looking to travel lightweight, which any hiker would appreciate. This pocket rocket weighs a handy 3.2 ounces, including all the essentials you’d expect to find on a multitool device.

This slimline model has a carbon fiber insert in the handle, offering lots of rigidity for its size. Though it might not have as many features as other multitools, it does incorporate a decent set of pliers and knives for those all-important hiking moments.

Comprised of 154CM high carbon steel, if its durability you seek you need look no further. The blade keeps its edge for much longer than you’d expect, with multiple attachment options and smooth edges which you’ll never catch on your clothes.

  • Very durable
  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Single-handed access to all tools
  • Belt clip for easy carrying


1. Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army Multitool

This is about as multifunctional as it gets. The SwissChamp will prepare you for all eventualities, as a single tool that can do everything from removing a fish hook to opening a bottle of wine. The SwissChamp even comes complete with a built-in ballpoint pen!

Supreme functionality at an affordable price, with a lightweight design that’s perfect for backpacking. A great option if you’re not particularly interested in having a big pair of pliers or wire cutters.

The SwissChamp functions in ways comparable with competing models, alongside added features that will surprise even the most advanced users. An aesthetically intriguing multitool with super sharp knife blades for any occasion.

  • 33 tools
  • Compact size
  • High-quality materials
  • Exceptional engineering
  • Great value for money


best multitools for hiking

Should I invest in a new multitool?

Perhaps your current multitool isn’t functioning as it should, or you’re just starting out hiking and need something to keep you company. You’ll probably end up wondering how you ever functioned without one, or how you managed for so long with an old tool with limited features.

In today’s innovative industries, multitools are becoming more and more advanced by the day. If you’re considering buying a new one, you’ll welcome new additions that you never would have imagined.

The main incentive to buy a new multitool is to capitalize on the array of features, high-quality builds, and lightweight nature of the modern devices.

Best multitools for hiking – do they make a good gift?

If you’re buying for someone who likes hiking, a multitool is the perfect gift idea. Selecting a stylish tool that suits multiple purposes will go a long way to showing how much you care about the recipient. You’ll also breathe life into hiking experiences, looking out for the best interests of others and promoting safe travels.

A multitool is a great way to surprise a family member or friend, who will jump at the opportunity to own a technologically advanced multitool they can use during real-life adventures. You can’t go wrong when buying the right multitool for the right person.


How do I know which multitool is best for me?

So how exactly should you go about choosing a multitool that suits the ambition and overall preference of the user you’re buying for? Well, it helps to create a personal checklist to consider what the tool will be used for, your available budget, and the type of tool that will fit the hiking needs of the individual.

Once you’ve created a checklist, you can match what you need to buy with the features referenced throughout this article. By doing so, you’ll be primed and ready to buy the perfect multitool for the situation at hand. Don’t worry, we’ve got all of your needs covered in the sections above.



Buying a new multitool is a great way to enhance your hiking experience. Owning a high-quality tool means you’ll be prepared for all eventualities. It will keep you safe, and help you unlock hidden potential as you achieve your practical objectives.

A multitool will open new doors on your expeditions, whether it’s for example cutting through obstacles, removing unwanted objects from your path, or simply opening a bottle. Whoever thought you’d be able to quest through natural settings with the confidence, safety, and reassurance modern multitools bring.

Thanks for reading this article! You should now be positioned to buy the perfect multitool for any hiking adventure!

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