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If you are looking to add a bit of power to your next camping trip, you will need to bring along a portable generator. While some people tend to think that a powered generator is the anthema of camping, we argue that a portable generator is an integral part of your camping experience. Having a campsite with a portable generator attached can make a difference when it comes to camping.

For example, your power generator can give power to a rechargeable fan to cool you down in the summer. They can also power lights to make sure that your campsite is well lit at night, deterring both animals and human intruders. A portable generator can take enough power to also power gadgets and entertaining devices as well, so you can always have a phone handy and fully charged.

A portable generator is the best way to make sure that you have the comforts of home while also keeping you safe from the problems that camping can bring. There are several different types of portable generators that you can use, and we’ve outlined the best ones for your use!


5. Generac 76711 1200 Watt Portable Inverter

Generac 76711

You can get this type of generator with various power levels, but we like the GP1200i 50 state for its ease of use. It provides clean and stable power without any extra noise or fuss, and with its 36 lb weight you won’t need to worry about it being too heavy to carry.

A Beginner Friendly Model

If you have never used a portable camping generator before, you won’t have to have any worries about using this model. The various LED indicators show whether the generator is low on fuel, overloaded, or ready to be used. You won’t have to worry about the status of the generator at all!

Clean Energy

Unlike some of the other items on this list, this generator uses a fully different type of alternator that allows for much cleaner energy to be used. You can safely charge all of your devices with clean energy, and no regrets!

  • Easy to Use
  • Very Lightweight and portable
  • Clean energy


4. Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Generator

Westinghouse iGen2200

The Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Generator comes in various wattages and colors, while also being very quiet. This is an extremely quiet generator, where it comes with as low as a 52 dbA Noise Output. You won’t be able to hear it as it goes off, especially while camping, so you can focus on the sound of nature.

Powered and Versatile

It comes gas powered, and it has two 120V 20 Amp Outlets and 2 USB outlets to allow you to plug in anything that needs charging. It can run all of your devices in your home with any trouble, and can perfectly work whenever you are camping. Even whenever you aren’t camping, you can use the versatile generator for everything else!

Well Tested

The Westinghouse iGen2200 generator is always tested inside the factory and we make sure that they are EPA and CARB Compliant. It is also backed by a 3-year limited service as well. You can bet that this generator won’t fall apart on you!

  • Very Quiet
  • Capable with other iGen2200 machines, can be connected with a Westinghouse Parallel cord
  • Produces clean air and stable power


3. Champion Power Equipment 2000-Watt Generator

Champion Power Equipment 2000 Watt

This generator comes in at 39 pounds, making it pretty light. It produces 2000 watts and gives you 58 dBA from 23 feet. It’s perfect for camping and gives you almost 12 hours of run time on a single charge. It is a quite charger that

Clean and Connectable Power

This generator also comes with clean power for sensitive electronics, all from two covered 120V 20A household outlets. You can also clip the different inverters that will connect to another 2000 watt Champion inverter. Then you have double the power!

Charging and Covered Outlets

Covered outlets are included on the machine, along with a covered 12V DC automotive style outlet. Additionally, it also comes with dual USB adaptors to power your smart devices. No matter what you will be able to charge all of your items using this generator.

  • Clean energy
  • Champion support with 3-year technical support
  • A very light generator


2.  Briggs & Stratton P2400 PowerSmart Series Generator

Briggs & Stratton P2400

The Briggs & Stratton P2400 PowerSmart Series Generator has several safety features that makes this generator one that you should use. It also comes with a protective and noise reducing shell that keeps the noise low and protects internal items.

Lots Of Safety Features

It comes with a monitoring system that can showcase the low oil and overload alerts with LED lights, allowing you to see everything that your generator is doing at a glance. It also comes with a CO guard carbon monoxide shutdown tech, that will keep the levels of carbon monoxide low. It will shut down itself if the harmful levels of CO monoxide rise to a certain point.

Has Inverter Technology

The inverter technology also produces smoother and cleaner power for your electronics, especially the sensitive ones, such as gaming systems, phones, and laptops.

  • A compact design weighing at 60 pounds, slightly heavier than some of the others on this list.
  • Comes with a parallel port, USB ports, and 2 120V outlets
  • Can power multiple devices at the same time


1. Jackery Solar Generator Portable Power Station

Jackery Solar Generator Portable Power Station

The Solar Generator 1000 is composed of three different parts. First it comes with the portable power station explorer 1000, along with 2 packs of the Solar Panel SolarSaga that all combine to create green and clean energy.  The solar panel is portable and easy to set up, all while producing a lot of energy.

Several Different Ways To Charge

This solar power station comes with 1000w running wattage, along with the 2000w surge wattage. The generator also comes with 3 pure SINE WAVE AC outlets, 2 USB-C outlets, and  a 1*Quick Charge 3.0 port. You will be able to charge everything, without any trouble.

Green and Quiet Energy

The solar generator 1000 gets all of its power from the sun, without any emissions and/or excess noise. You just need to connect all of the solar panels to the power station, and then enjoy reliable power.

  • Recharges very quickly
  • Powerful enough to charge larger devices
  • Comes with various accessories such as an AC adapter and a car charger cable


Do You Need A Portable Generator for Camping?

As a camper, you might not think that electricity is not what you need. After all, shouldn’t everything be battery powered or powered by flame? Well, portable generators are still very beneficial for you and your campsite, mostly by providing emergency power whenever you need it.

It’s mostly used for taking control of the temperature, controlling either a powered heater or powered fan. They can also be used to light up the surrounding area, and can also be used during an emergency situation whenever you find yourself without power and away from home.

Finally, if you bring along a mini-fridge and decide to keep your food cold, rather than not using a cooler, you can use the generator to power it. They can keep your meat and food cold if you don’t want to worry about managing a cooler.


What Is a Portable Generator?

A portable generator works by running a gas powered engine through the alternators, and that powers electrical power. Then all of that power goes towards the power outlets, and then you plug in the items you need charged. It’s just like if you would plug it on a wall, and these portable generator systems can be easily moved and manually started.

The portable generator also is portable, allowing you to have total mobility. The best generators project a lot of power in a small package, and you can use that to your advantage by taking that power wherever you want. Some portable generators are even small enough to fit in bags or backpacks, making them even more customizable.


How Do I Store The Generator?

If you need to store the generator while you aren’t on your camping trip, you still need to store it properly and make sure that it is properly maintained. For short term storage, you need to make sure that your unit is cleaned and free from debris. Then you just need to store it in a dry and cool environment where you can get it without any problems.

If you need to store it for much longer, then you need to do the same thing while also adding one extra step. The step is to use fuel stabilizer to deter the fuel turning into gum and starting to mess with the internal components.

You can either store the generator with an empty tank, or use fuel stabilizer added to the overall fuel tank. You just need to run the generator for a bit, and then the fuel stabilizer moves through the entire system. Then you can place the generator away. The fuel treatment mixes with the fuel and then the treatment keeps the fuel fresh for 36 months.


How Do I Maintain My Generator?

You just need to make sure that the generator oil is changed up and has enough oil in it to be effective. The oil will improve the engine’s lifespan, and if you have the right generator they can shut down automatically if the engine’s oil is too low. Always make sure to use a dipstick and check the oil before using the generator, and also make sure you are using the right oil for the job.

Finally, always give your generator a run every couple of months to make sure that it works. Fire it up, make sure it runs smoothly, and then charge a small device to make sure it is in tip top condition. Do this before a camping trip and you will be ready to go!


Can I Use A Portable Generator for Entertainment?

You might not use your phone or computer to keep everyone entertained on a camping trip, especially if the goal is to avoid all technology. However, the portable generators can still be used as entertainment if you connect them to a projector or a portable DVD player. They can also be used to charge your electronics if they are needed.

Anything electronic is something you can hook up to a portable generator and then have it be power. It’s especially useful if you are dealing with a rainy day that shuts down your ideas of having fun outside. There’s nothing like watching a movie with the rain pattering on the tent!


Can I Use It For My Tools?

If you want to turn your camping trip into a bit of a working trip, and want to bring your tools along for the trip a portable generator is a good idea. Most power tools are battery powered and if you are going to use your power tools then you need to bring the portable generators to make sure that you can keep your tools working.

This is often a good idea if you find yourself heading to camp in or near a log cabin, because there’s always something that you can fix! Plus, it gives you something to do on a rainy day or once you are stick of spending time outside.



If you are camping, one of the best tools that you can use is a portable generator. They can help you make sure that your camping trip still has electricity and that you can have some control over the temperature and the comfort of your campsite. Portable generators have several usages for the campsite, and once you get your hands on one you can use it everywhere!

Make sure to purchase the best portable generator that you can, and they will make sure that you will have all the power you need for your next trip!

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