camping with a inflatable mattress

Camping is always a lot of fun, especially when you and your group are all prepared for the entire experience. Are you one of those people that make a very well-documented list before going on a trip, or you just go with the flow? No matter what answer you may have to this question, you need one thing for sure: a great camping mattress.

The reasoning behind that is fairly simple. Whatever happens, and whatever adventures you may have, a thing that’s very important when it comes to outdoor adventures is having a great sleep!

However, a good night’s sleep can be a result of many different aspects when it comes to a mattress: how soft it is, how cozy it is, how warm it is, and so on. We’ve realized that a lot of people don’t consider how easy it is to install – which means inflating and deflating it. Well, we’re telling you! This aspect is crucial because it can affect how great is your overall experience while camping.

We made a list, just for you, tackling the five of the best inflatable camping mattresses, so it will be easier for you to choose out from based on your criteria!


5. WellaX Ultralight Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

This option is a great one for backpacking while camping! If you’re looking for something that’s easy to carry and easy to inflate, this may be the option for you! The WellaX Inflating Sleeping Pad is very comfortable and it provides great comfort and warmth throughout the whole night! Back pain can be a very recurring problem when camping, that’s why you should be looking for something that’s thick enough to not feel the ground underneath, yet pretty compact so it’s easy to carry around from place A to place B.

Very Durable

This mattress is a great option if you’re looking for something durable that will last you for a fair amount of time. Every time you go camping, you should be making sure that every piece of equipment you own it’s easy to use and will not tear throughout the process. This product is made out of a 20D nylon that is laminated and will prevent the mattress from ripping. Plus, the layer that’s made of TPU material is very durable and will give off that lightweight feel yet it will last you for a long time.

Easy to Install

As we mentioned previously, a crucial aspect when it comes to installing a sleeping mattress while camping is how easy it is to inflate and deflate. With this option, you can say goodbye to tedious processes! The foam uses an advanced technology that’ll have your pad ready for sleep in about eight breaths!

  • The R-value of 3.8 makes it an amazing purchase throughout the whole season (spring, summer, autumn, and especially winter).
  • Inflated size is 75.98 x 25.2 x 2”
  • The mattress has a thickness of 2 inches
  • Hybrid cellular design


4. FRETREE Camping Air Sleeping Pad

You probably already know that camping mattresses should be sturdy, comfortable, and easy to install because these are the three main elements that can change your entire experience from a bad one to an amazing one that is worth remembering! The FRETREE Camping Aur Sleeping Pad Mat is a great option if you’re looking for a self-inflating option that’s not only easy to use but very comfortable! This mattress is 2.7 inches tall after you inflate it, which means that you won’t be able to feel anything from underneath!

Foot Press Inflatable

There’s no need to use your hands, mouth, a pump, or anything of the kind in order to inflate your FRETREE mattress! Simply press the built-in pump with your foot for around 25 seconds and you’re done! You’ll never have to think about air leaking with anti-leakage films in the valves! It’s also very simple to deflate – simply remove the deflation plug. Also, this mattress is very easy to carry around and install, which makes it even more amazing! When you pack it, it can get as small as a water bottle, and it has an attached pillow included!

Waterproof and Durable

This mattress is designed specifically for those that require a great experience but don’t want to go through loads of steps to achieve it! For instance, as easy it is to inflate and deflate, as durable and sturdy it is! This product is waterproof and has a 0.14mm nylon (40D) that prevents the mattress from leaking any air! This camping mat is tear-resistant and keeps you away from any sort of dampness.  It is ideal for camping adventures, laying under your sleeping bag, or on any floor or hard surface.

  • You can create a double bed by purchasing two mattresses – all you have to do is attach the side buttons
  • Inflates by foot in 25 seconds
  • Has a capacity of 660 pounds weight


3. Bessport Ultralight Sleeping Pad Inflatable

This choice is great for those sleepers that desire extra comfort! This means that it’s very comfortable to install, as it is a self-inflatable mattress, equipped with ABS quick flor valve, as well as very comfortable to sleep on, being cozy, think and very durable! We realize how important overall comfort is, that’s why this option may suit you like a glove! When looking for an inflatable sleeping mattress for camping, you have to make sure that your product is insulated and tear-resistant because the outdoor conditions may not always be that great.

Multi-layer Structure

Coziness comes first, right? The mattress has a cotton feel because it has a stretchy knitted fabric that provides extra comfort and warmth. But there’s more! The fabrics are not made from PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) – which is one of the most used materials, and toxic. This means that the mattress does not have any plastic smells, sounds, resulting in a more peaceful rest during the night.

Sleep Like in Your Own Bed

After you inflate your mattress so easily by foot, you can be assured that your sleep will feel extremely comfortable due to the R-value of the mattress! This product has an increased 6.3 R-Value, which means that there may be a high similarity between how you sleep at home (in your own bed) and how you’ll sleep on this mattress

  • Durable and insulated
  • Anti-snag system and a double-sided 2-way zipper
  • High-quality velcro strap


2. Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

This is a very compact and great looking-mattress, but that’s not it! When you decide to go on a camping adventure, a good night’s sleep is what matters the most, to get you ready for the next day. This mattress has a great design that offers a 2 inches thick sleep support. The pad is also tear-resistant and very warm, made out of a very sturdy (heavy duty) nylon fabric that will not rip easily and that is extra secure!

Very Portable

We can’t stress enough how hard it is sometimes to carry all of your essentials with you while going camping. We totally get you! That’s why we’re providing options on this list that are both high-quality and easy to install and carry. For example, this mattress weighs very little and is very compact, getting closer to the size of a water bottle when completely packed down. Moreover, this is a three-season sleeping pad it remains inflated throughout the night with an R-value of 2.1 and will keep you warm and extra comfortable, and safe throughout the entire sleep!

Light and Comfortable

Despite its apparent thinness, the fabric tends to be very solid and comfortable. Moreover, it is so easy to inflate, due to its successful design, as it has a rubber flap held in place by the weight of the air inside, with a plug covering the opening. This mattress inflates so easily by mouth, only by using around 8 to 10 breaths, and you’re done!

  • Suitable for any height and weight – no weight limit
  • It measures a spacious 75×23 inches
  • The mattress remains inflated throughout the entire night


1. Klymit Camping STATIC V LUXE

Inflatable Camping Mattress

We have reached our number one pick, and we are happy to talk about a luxurious, yet extremely easy to manage mattress for those who want to take camping to the next level! The reason this made it to the top of the list is that it checks all the required boxes for a great inflatable sleeping mattress! It is very comfortable and durable, and extremely easy to inflate! Moreover, it gives off that luxurious feel that everyone is seeking while camping!

Very Light and Comfortable

The entire mattress is light, as it weighs no more than 26. 5 oz. This means that not only it packs down small but also that it creates a great atmosphere throughout the entire sleep! But that’s not it! This sleeping mattress is 30 inches wide and 3 inches thick, which is a great dimension for one person – giving you room to move around while sleeping!

Body Mapping Technology

The design is V-shaped which means that it provides amazing support and comfort while sleeping in various positions – on your side, stomach, and back! The great thing about this product and feature is that it perfectly maps your body throughout the night so you won’t feel any discomfort.

  • Inflates in 20 to 30 breaths
  • The R-value is 1.3, which makes it an amazing option for all seasons!
  • It is insulated and great for cold weather use


Do I Really Need an Inflatable Mattress?

Depending on the location you are going to, you may need it more (or less). However, if you’re scouting for the best solution for you, consider choosing one that is inflatable, as well as durable so you are sure that’ll last you for a lot of trips over the years. The reason why an inflatable mattress is a much greater option is that it’s quite compact and very easy to install and carry, making it a great choice among campers!


What makes the best inflatable camping mattress?

Many factors define how comfortable your sleep can be. Here are the factors you should be considering when looking for the best options for you: the thickness, R-value, as well as whether it’s inflatable or not.



If you’re looking for a camping mattress, you should consider an inflatable one! However, always check how comfortable it is, especially if you are looking for a good night’s sleep on a warm and cozy surface! Always check the R-value, materials, and overall design, and if you can, opt for a body mapping mattress that will provide superior support!

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