Best Camping Mattresses for Couples

The current world state has shown everyone how important it is to spend time in nature. The outdoors has become a highly appreciated source of entertainment. The fresh air, the constant movement, and spending time with your closest people are all a must when it comes to relaxing and having a great time.

However, when it comes to spending the night outdoors, most people have a bunch of (understandable) questions such as: “How comfortable will my stay be?”, “Will I be able to share a bed with my significant other?”, “Will a camping mattress be big enough?”

All these questions are inevitable when it comes to a safe and comfortable overnight stay at a camping site. That’s why the following article will breakdown 5 of the best camping mattresses that are loved by couples!

This list is quite versatile and suitable for all tastes and budgets. Whether you enjoy something more classic or luxurious, here you’ll find something that fits your taste!


5 Best camping mattresses for couples


5. Hikenture Ultralight Double Sleeping Pad

Hikenture-Ultralight Double Sleeping Pad

Starting off the list strong with an option that’s suitable for those who want some real adventure out in the open! Whether you’re planning a spontaneous trip or you’re having some thoroughly arranged outing at a camping site, the Hikenture Ultralight checks some important boxes: versatile, light, roomy, and easily inflatable!

Very Light And Easily Portable

One thing you don’t need when you’re out exploring (especially if it’s a two-person trip) is to carry a lot of heavy things in your backpack. Next to food, clothes, water, and of course, the tent, you’ll need a camping mattress that’s not only light but also easily portable. And guess what, this product has both of these features!

When compared to other traditional mattresses you can find on the market, this one has half the weight, getting close to only 2 and a half pounds. Crazy right? Apart from this, your air mattress will be no bigger than a piece of A4 paper, making it very easy to store, unpack and enjoy a good-night sleep just as you would in the comfort of your home.

Very Easy to Inflate

Do you know how usually when trying to inflate a camping mattress you would need a hand pump? With the Hikenture Ultralight Double Sleeping Pad, you can use the pump air sack that comes with the mattress, making it very easy to use and convenient. There are only 3 steps to inflate your mattress: you open the first layer and attach the nozzle of the pump, you then open the sack to get some air in and push the air into the sleeping mattress. All in about 3-5 minutes!

  • Size: 76.8″ x 45.3″ x 2″, making it longer and wider than a normal two-people mattress out there.
  • Waterproof, wear-resistant, and leak-proof
  • Maximum insulation from the cold


4. Hikenture Double Camping Pad

Hikenture Double Camping Pad

Hikenture is a great brand when it comes to light travel and amazing mattresses for outdoor camping! Rest is very important, especially after a long walk or hike and comfort comes first when it comes to this kind of experience.

Comfortable and Durable

This double sleeping pad is very comfortable due to the 3.75-inch thickness. This means that if the place where you choose to camp is maybe a little bit bumpy, or cold, you’ll be experiencing extra comfort. The wave pattern of the mattress helps with making your sleep more warm and cozy so you won’t even know that you’re outside!

Fits Perfectly in The Car

If you choose to go outside to explore the surroundings with your partner, but maybe you do not want to carry a tent or sleep in one, you need to know that this mattress fits in the back of a truck, or a standard SUV! The sleep in this mattress makes sure that your sleep is cozy making it awesome for a 2 person trip!

  • PVC-free, made from polyester pongee with eco-friendly TPU lamination
  • 7×47.5×3.75 inches, folded size is 14×6 inches
  • Easy to inflate in 3-8 minutes


3. QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

As we’ve previously talked about how some of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a camping mattress is the level of comfort and safety, the number 3 choice doubles the standards! This is a preferred mattress by couples, with almost 1000 ratings on Amazon with 4.5 stars!

Silent Design

This is a very compact and great looking-mattress, but that’s not it! When you decide to go on a camping adventure, a good night’s sleep is what matters the most, to get you ready for the next day. This mattress has a great design but the surface of the mattress has a frosted touch that keeps you away from the noises. The mattress is also waterproof and very warm, with an R-Value of 9.5!

Large and Comfortable

If you’re worried about whether two people will fit on this mattress, have no doubt! It’s is very large, measuring 80 inches x 52 inches making it very comfortable to have a good night’s rest on it. Moreover, it is also extra cozy as the sleeping pad is 4 inches thick and made out of TPU materials that don’t have any plasticky smell.

  • Easy to store and carry
  • Dual Use Bag
  • Patterned Double-way Valve


2. KingCamp Luxury 3D Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

KingCamp Luxury 3D Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Whether our previous choices didn’t really catch your eye, or you’re looking for something else, that’s more high-end, our second choice may be a perfect fit for you! This mattress checks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, design, and size, making it perfect for a camping trip in two!


The air-valves make it so easy to inflate this mattress! First of all, you won’t be needing any pump, which is a massive bonus point as you won’t need to carry it. The Dual Boston inflatable air valves make it easier to adjust the firmness of the product by either inflating or deflating it according to your preference!

Home-like Sleeping Experience

This inflatable camping mattress is just like a bed you would normally find in a bedroom! Thus, the sleeping experience is one of 5 stars because it creates the desired comfort, warmth, and safety. The full inflated size is L79.1” x W50.3” x H3.0”, offering enough extra room for two people!

  • Leakage inspection qualified
  • Tear-resistant 20D stretch fabric
  • Compression straps and storage bag included


1. Coleman Camping Cot

Coleman Camping Cot Air Mattress
Best Camping Mattress For Couples

The list has come to an end, with one of the most appreciated camping mattresses, the Camping Cot! Why did this make it on our first entry, you may ask? Because with this you just take your bedroom feel out there in nature as it provides extra-comfort, versatility, thanks to the 2 side tables with cup holders, and of course no air leakage. After you’ll see the features, you’ll understand why this is our best choice.

You’re Off The Ground

If you’ve been camping before, you know the tiresome of rolling off your air mattress onto the ground in the mornings. With this product, you get on the ground and it lets you sit on the actual bed. This mattress comes with a built-in base, making your sleeping experience very similar to a regular bed. And here’s the extra tip: you can store things underneath, like your backpack or food!

Side Table Feature

You rarely think of a sleeping mattress and think that you’ll be needing a side table where you can store your water bottle, magazine, trip itinerary, or whatever else. But when analyzing it, the versatility and applicability of it are amazing!

  • Battery operated pump
  • 4D pump for easy inflation and deflation
  • Dimensions: 78 x 59 x 22 inches and supports up to 600 lbs.


What makes a camping mattress (extra) comfortable?

Well, this depends a lot on the time of your stay, place, and other personal variables. But overall, it’s highly recommended to keep in mind that you need something cozy, that’s durable. The coating of your mattress should be soft and protect those who use it from any insulation. Moreover, when it comes to enjoying a couple of nights hiking with your significant other, you should be looking for mattresses that are large enough for optimal comfort and that are not heavy or hard to pack, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about that.


Do I really need a waterproof mattress?

Depending on the location you are going to, you may need it more (or less). However, if you’re scouting for the best solution for you, consider choosing one that is water-resistant, as well as durable so you are sure that’ll last you for a lot of trips over the years. Or if you don’t want to worry about it, you can always choose a camping cot!


Is sleeping on the ground comfortable?

Most of the time when you’re planning an outdoor trip for two there are some variables to take into consideration. Will my tent be big enough? How big is a queen-size mattress? Will the mattress be comfortable on a rocky surface? The list above answers these questions. If you choose the right mattress, with the right thickness and materials, sleeping on the ground will be very comfortable! Pay extra attention to those specifications.



Having a camping mattress in your home is very handy for when you’re planning any sort of outdoor activity as a couple. From size, durability, to comfiness, the thickness, and inflation methods – all these have to be considered to match what you’re looking for!

A camping mattress is a great way to make sure you’re having outstanding sleep without any discomfort!

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