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Everyone loves sitting by a fire while they are out camping, being able to get the light from a natural source. However, the light of camping is not the best whenever you need it for the long term. Firelight is fickle, and much like a living thing it requires feeding and care, plus it doesn’t put off as much light as people think that it does.

Whenever you need light that is thorough and long lasting, you need a good lantern. Lanterns not only provide light, they provide focused light, and will allow you to both light up a campsite and light up an area for its use. However, if you go to a store there are thousands of lanterns, all powered by different things and using different bulbs.

LED lanterns, battery powered lanterns, solar powered lanterns, and many more. If you don’t really care about the type of lantern that you are using and only care that it is a good lantern, then it can be very overwhelming to pick the correct lantern for your trip. Luckily, our team has five of the best lanterns for camping, and you will find one that works the best for you.


5 Best Camping Lanterns:


5. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Vont 2 Pack LED

The Vont 2 Pack LED camping lantern is not only a camping lantern, it is billed as a survival lantern. Coming with 30 bright LEDs inside of it, it is designed to deliver a powerful 360 radius of light to cut through anything mother nature sees fit to throw at you. If you find your camping trip taking a turn for the dangerous.

A Long Lasting Lantern

The 360 degree lantern burns bright and long, with over 90 hours of battery life, which is three times longer than a traditional lantern on the market today. It also has 360 degrees of light that will make everything illuminated for you, lighting your tent and area without any trouble.

Very Compact

The Vont 2 pack is the perfect choice if you are looking for a lantern that is easy to carry. The lantern comes with a patented collapsible design that can reduce the lantern’s size and the light output. Depending on your needs the lantern can be as small as your cellphone or as large as the full 8 inches, allowing you to vary the light level.

  • Waterproof and very durable
  • 90 hour battery life
  • Is easy to carry and a potential lifesaver during an emergency.


4. Energizer LED Camping Lantern

Energizer LED Camping Lantern

This lantern can put out 500 lumens of light and can easily illuminate your campsite as the night starts to fall. It also has two different settings, one at low power mode and one at high power mode which both require two different batteries. You need 3 energizer MAX D and three energizer MAX AA batteries for each setting respectively. You can also use it as a night light with the night light mode, which gives non disturbing dim light.

Long Lasting Run Time

The Energizer is the best type of lantern if you need a portable handheld light for smaller tasks. It comes with 650 hours of run time at the lowest mode, giving you more light that can last! It also provides 360 degree coverage with just the push of a button without any trouble.

Durable and weatherproof

The durable lantern is designed to last through all the rigors of camping and anything else that might happen to it. No matter what, this lantern will survive the elements as the construction of the lantern is water resistant to withstand water and hail damage.


3. Everready 360 LED Camping Lantern

Everready 360 LED

This lantern combines the best of the previous two entries on this list, giving you two lanterns for the price of one. The Everready 360 LED Camping Lanterns are designed to be collapsible and easily stored when you don’t need them, but also ready at a moment’s notice when you do! The powerful LED lanterns can be used as lanterns or as a flashlight for more directional lighting.

Easy To Hang

One of the biggest problems with lanterns around the campsite is that people can knock them over. These lanterns have magnetic bases that can be mounted on metal services, or the lantern comes with a convenient base hook that can be hung on tree branches and in tents.

A Strong Run Time

These lanterns have a 16 hour run time in lantern mode, and a 9 hour continuous run time in flashlight mode. No matter what you are using these lights for, they will be around when you need them.

  • 4 light modes
  • Comes with the three double A batteries and two lanterns
  • The lanterns are collapsible


2. Rechargeable Alpswolf Camping Flashlight

Rechargeable Alpswolf

The Alpswolf camping flashlight might just be the coolest and most customizable lantern on this list. It comes with a 6 in one design, with the six power settings being the following: Low. high, flashlight mode, lantern mode, steady red light mode, strobe light mode. All of these modes shine brightly at 360 degrees!

A Rechargeable Two Pack

It can be charged with an included USB cable, and uses two lithium-ion batteries that hold 4000mAh watts of power. But the charging doesn’t just power the lantern, it also powers your other devices. You can use the lanterns to charge your Ios, Android, and Other smart devices without any trouble. Plus, you get two lanterns for the price of one!

Two Way Hook and Grip

As much as holding a lantern up to the dark and squinting to see what is going on can make you feel like an action hero, holding a lantern can get tiring on your arms no matter how lightweight it is. These lanterns come with a two way hook and grip, which allows you to hang the lantern on a tree branch or hook for hands free camping.

  • Comes with two lanterns and a USB cable for an affordable price
  • Waterproof and designed with military grade materials
  • Can recharge itself and other devices.


1. LE LED Best Camping Lantern

LE LED Camping Lantern

This lantern might look simple on the surface, but it packs quite a few features into it’s small size. It comes with two hooks, on the top and bottom, that can hang and support the tent from anywhere. This lantern certainly proves that small packages carry very big power!

4 Included Light Modes

You can adjust the light to cool white at 700lm, warm white at 300lm, 1000lm for cool white and also for flash mode. It also comes with the ability to dim itself with another button press.

Can Last For A Long Time

Despite looking unassuming and not having a few of the features that other lanterns have, it can use 1.5V 3 x D batteries to last and shine it’s light for up to 15 hours. It’s perfect for long nights of camping where you can flick the lantern on and not worry about the power.

  • Waterproof
  • Produces up to 1000 lumens of light
  • Removable cap for upside down usage


Why Do You Need A Lantern?

While firelight can be an effective light source as you start camping, it does create a good ambience for your camping spot and allows you to cook things over it but it doesn’t do much as a light source. Even if you build a large bonfire, then you still don’t have a ton of light. Even if you do, the light is only as bright as it is near the fire, and not as bright when you get farther away.

Lanterns are light, and many of them come with hooks or similar attachments to be attached to backpacks or other areas. You should be able to easily add a lantern to your camping bag and it won’t add any extra weight.


What Goes Into A Good Lantern?

Lanterns need to be selected based on certain criteria, including their level of brightness. You don’t want to finally get away from all the artificial lighting of the city, only to discover that your lantern isn’t bright enough to cut through it. Look at the lumens (the measure of how much light an LED produces) and the higher the number, the more light you get! Look online and see what each level of lumens looks like, and then you can pick the one that works the best for you.

Additionally, the battery life of the LED lanterns needs to be considered as well. Most lanterns have a high battery life to start with, and it can increase even more if you use the lantern while on low power. Some lanterns also have a rechargeable battery pack, and more are even solar powered to give you better access to energy. While you might not need 24 hours of battery life, the longer end of the spectrum doesn’t hurt you, especially if you need to use the lantern in an emergency situation.


What Do You Use A Lantern For?

Yes you use every lantern type for producing light, but what are you going to use it for in the context of your camping? Do you need a powerful lantern that can sit in the center of your campsite and can be an extra level of light, or a smaller lantern that can light your way on a midnight hike? Would you like a lantern that you can hang over a tree or a smaller lantern that will sit inside of your tent and act as more of a reading lamp?

Figure out what you need the light source for, and that will help you narrow down the types of lanterns that you need to buy. What you are using the lantern for also determines how you will need it to be powered. Solar powered lanterns are good for when you need to have long lasting power during the night.

You can easily charge the lantern in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest, and then have it go all night for you. Battery powered lanterns are also a very good choice, because you can check on the batteries and install fresh ones before the trip. As long as you keep a few spares on you, you will be all good and can use the battery powered lantern without any trouble.


Tips For Using Your Lantern

First, always carry a flashlight with you, because a lantern isn’t the best thing to have with you whenever you need light to target something far away. You should still have a flashlight or headlight with you with fresh batteries to illuminate pathways and ways back to the tent, and a lantern as a way to give light to the entire camp area.

Lanterns come into play while you are working on camp life, as they provide the light that you need to prepare the camp at night if you don’t have or are in the process of making a fire. You can also use a smaller lantern as a reading light for your camp or as a softer light that is perfect for the winding down period of the camping trip when you get everyone ready for bed.

You can also dim the lantern light and set the lantern on a portable table, and then it can be the perfect thing to use for a quiet game of cards or a conversation around a table. If your camping has nighttime social activities baked into it, then a dimmed lantern can create a cosy vibe.



Your lantern is something that should be a staple in your bag of camping gear, and you need to do everything you can to select the correct lantern for your trip. Make sure to take your needs, what you will be doing on the trip, and our above lists of the top 5 best lanterns for camping into account as you make your selection.


Then you will have the best lantern for your needs at your fingertips, and won’t have to worry about losing your way if things get too dark

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