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The need for fresh air and the constant desire to explore is something most people experience. If you’re passionate about going out on outdoor adventures, you’re probably quite self accustomed to the sleeping experience in the outdoors.

How many times did it happen that your sleeping experience just wasn’t good enough? This can happen because of various reasons, one of them being that your “accommodation” isn’t comfortable enough. There are two key elements when it comes to making sure that you’re mastering a camping experience. First of all, it’s the mattress you’re sleeping on and after that, of course, is the “roof” over your head, which in this case is the tent you’re choosing.

In this article, we’re breaking down some of the best choices when it comes to air mattresses that are tailored specifically for camping. We’re going to cover all the important aspects for you in the list below. Depending on what you’re looking for, we are sure that one of the entries will fit your requirements!


5. Coleman Inflatable Airbed

Coleman Inflatable Airbed

The first entry we’re talking about is versatile, cool, and easy to carry. It’s the Coleman inflatable airbed. This pick is so great for outdoor camping because it has a zip-on insulated mattress topper and it’s also suitable for a two-person sleep.

Exclusive Double Lock valve

No need to worry about any sort of leakages! Most of the time, there are a bunch of air mattresses on the market that may seem nice at first, but once you sleep on them, you can experience some sort of deflating, because the air leaks. This air mattress is dual-sealed to make sure no leakage happens at all!

Extra Warmth and Comfort

As mentioned before, one of the most important aspects when hunting for a camping mattress is to make sure everything is comfortable. Yes, maybe sometimes the sleeping experience won’t be just like the one you get at home, but the available options can get pretty close to that. This mattress has an R-value of 2.75 which means that it offers a lot of extra warmth and comfort!

  • An unzippable topper that’s machine washable
  • 48-coil construction
  • Battery operated 4D pump


4. ALPS Mountaineering Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Air Bed

When going camping, there are a lot of things you’ll need to carry with you. Most of the time, the most important question that arises is “Where will we sleep?” With the ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed, you’ll be sure your sleep will be resting and comfortable!

Rechargeable Pump

Say goodbye to the pumping horrors! This mattress comes with a state-of-the-art rechargeable pump that will make things much easier for you. The pump is small and inflates the air mattress in just a couple of minutes. The great thing is that you can adjust the firmness of the mattress and the battery will probably last you for the whole weekend getaway!


Although the sleeping experience is top-notch, the air mattress is quite lightweight and it’s very easy to carry with you. More so, this product comes with a carry bag that makes it so much easier to carry or store it once you’re done with the trip. Another important factor you should be considering when purchasing a camping mattress is the durability of it. This one is made out of a PVC-free fabric and coil system, which is more solid, comfortable, and durable in the long-run.

  • Queen Dimensions 56″ x 80″ x 6″ (inflated size)
  • Inflates and deflates easily with a switch
  • Weight Capacity 500 lbs


3. Therm-a-Rest Self-Inflating Foam Mattress

Therm a Rest Self Inflating Foam Mattress

Continuing with another great pick on this list, this air mattress is great for camping (but not only for that, as it can also be used at home). It is the perfect choice for any sort of outdoor adventure overnight stay, from car camping, RVs, to boats and tents.

Bring the Comfort of Home With You

You’ve probably heard that a lot of times, and you’ve found it hard to believe that you can take the comfort of your home and bring it outdoors. Well, this mattress has a 4 inch stabilized loft. What does this mean? That your sleep will be comfortable and safe, also thanks to the vertical sidewalls.

Easy to Inflate

This is definitely an important factor to consider whenever you’re buying any sort of air mattress. Especially when it’s one for outdoor camping. You need to make sure that the entire process will be completely easy and you won’t have to go through a lot of processes. This air mattress is self-inflating, due to the dual valves that allow the foam core to inflate when it’s unpacked. That sounds amazing, right?

  • Measures 77x25x4 inches expanded
  • R-value of 8.0
  • Offers maximum stability, and protection


2. QOMOTOP Auto-Inflating Camping Mattress

QOMOTOP Auto Inflating Camping Mattress

Talk about practicability and comfort! If we were to describe this product just by using two words, these two are perfect. This air pad is the perfect choice for all of your outdoorsy adventures, whether it’s summer or winter, whether it’s raining or it’s sunny, or you’re going to the mountains or a forest.

Automatic Inflation

Maybe you didn’t realize how comfortable this solution actually is. When you don’t have to worry about inflating your mattress, it’s one worry taken away from you so you’re one step closer to a comfortable sleep after a long tiring day. The process is quite simple: you just open the air valve and voilà! The air will just pump your mattress automatically and then all you have to do is adjust the firmness of it.

Extremely comfortable

Sometimes the word comfortable can be overused, to a point where it loses its actual value. But in this case, this mattress promises extreme comfort, thanks to the 10 cm thick foam that also comes with an air pressure system that’s completely adjustable to your own tastes. Thinking about what’s underneath your mattress will be completely forgotten, as you’ll probably feel just like in your bed at home!

  • It comes with a 150D Oxford cloth storage bag
  • Measures 80 × 52 inches expanded
  • Patented Double-sided Air Valve-Deflation


1. Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress and Pump Combo

Coleman Camping Cot Air Mattress
Best air mattress for camping

Among most Amazon users’ favorite, coming in with a triumphing 4.5 stars out of 10,000 reviews, the Coleman Camping Cot pops up when people think of a luxurious sleep anywhere. This means that most of the time when we think about camping we never put an equal between sleeping outside and luxurious. Well, after you’ll be reading this, all of your beliefs will change, as this camping cot is so close to an actual bed, you’ll be amazed!

No More Sleeping on the Ground

Another perception of people when they go camping is that they necessarily have to sleep on the ground, which can be cold and sometimes uncomfortable. The Coleman Camping Cot takes you off the ground, making it very close to a normal bed experience. The frame holds up on the uneven ground. Another this is that the whole bed folds up and can be packed into a bag that’s almost the size of a tent bag.

Exquisite Small Tables

Again, you most likely never considered this. Why would you need side tables when camping outside? Well, because you can place your water bottle, glass, books, or whatever you fancy! It makes everything much more comfortable and easily accessible.

  • Extra support thanks to the bar running down in the middle
  • More floor space and the ability to store things underneath the bed
  • Measures 59 x 22 x 78 inches


How Important is the inflating and deflating factor of the air mattress?

It truly depends on your trip itinerary. We’ve discovered that most people if given the possibility, would either choose a self-inflating air mattress, because it makes things easier, or a 4D battery pump that will inflate and deflate. Keep in mind that the old-school inflating is long gone as now most camping mattresses are more advanced!


What makes the best air mattress for camping?

Many factors define how comfortable your sleep can be. Here are the factors you should be considering when looking for the best options for you: the thickness, R-value, and materials that the mattress is made out of.


Should I invest in an air mattress?

The simple answer is yes. However, the long answer is that what sets apart mattresses, in general, is the quality and overall comfort. A cheap air mattress will most likely break more often, or it will deflate more easily. The quality has a lot to do with the price point.



Air mattresses are one of the most comfortable options for camping when compared to a sleeping pad for example. If you’re looking for a similar experience to the one at home, after deciding on what you’re most important factors are, you should be definitely considering an air mattress for your next camping trip!

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