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The best way to see Rouge Park!

Rustic trails through forests and meadows, or a stroll on the beach. Choose by activity level, or the amount of time you have for a visit.

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The number of water bottles indicate the difficulty level of the trails.

Cedar Trail 2.2km
Experience the cool green of old growth forest as it shelters the lush valley lands.
Mast Trail 2.2 km
Walk a 200-year old logging route, when large trees were floated down the river to the lake, bound for ship building yards in Europe.
Orchard Trail 2 km
Witness nature reclaiming the land. Regenerating forests merge with remnants of an agricultural past.
Woodland Trail
As you walk through the woods, listen for the birds
Vista Trail 1.6 km
Panoramic bluffs view of the Little Rouge Creek and Rouge River valleys.
Glen Eagles Vista
A breathtaking forest and cliff side view and outdoor exhibit.
Celebration Forest
A walk at our Park memorial.
Rouge Beach
A stroll on sandy beach and along the boardwalk at the marshes.
Best Practices
Make your Rouge Park visit a safe and happy one for you and our wildlife!
Plenty of views for everyone.

How much time do you want to spend?
Up to one hour Up to 4 hours One day
  • Beach and marshes
  • Celebration Forest
  • Glen Eagles Vista
  • Woodlands Area
  • Cedar
  • Orchard
  • Orchard Cedar Vista
  • Mast Orchard Vista Mast
  • Mast Vista Cedar Orchard Mast
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